Welcome to Graceland Designs

We are so excited to share our venture with our amazing current customers and future investors. Zanelle and Julian are no strangers to the photography world. We own and operate helloBABY Photography studios in Sydney and have offered our flat rate services to thousands of families for over 6 years to date. In addition, we are the founders of The International Newborn Photography Association. We have turned our passion into a worldwide support network between like-minded creative artists, sharing my knowledge, passion, guidance and support amongst many. Furthermore, we are the co-founder and co-owner of The Perfect Posie® with Luisa Dunn from Luisa Dunn Photography. The Perfect Posie® has been meticulously developed, designed and manufactured and selling as a world-wide Newborn Photography Posing Aid with astonishing sales and reviews to date since our launch in November 2017.
Thank you for your interest in our products, J & Z.