eZee Double Sided Freestanding Sleeve and Frame Design (White aluminium powder coated frame) 1.5x2.0m

You’ve asked…we’ve delivered!

Welcome to the eZee Double Sided Freestanding Sleeve and Frame Design.

The double sided freestanding option is a proprietary standalone design concept. This use is not intended for top down photography. Freestanding upright use only.The Frame holds 2 eZee Sleeves.

You can use the single sided eZee Sleeve and Frame to slide in at the bottom or make use of our existing neoprene range. Your own flokati rugs will also work just perfectly! The distance between the frame and the floor is approximately 3mm – not noticeable.

Cross Section of the Frame

The frame is sold with two aluminium support legs for horizontal or vertical alignment and is easy to assemble (approximately 15min).

Please note this product is heavy (10kg) and requires assistance for assembly.
All existing eZee Sleeves are compatible this Frame!