Soak immediately after a cake smash in napisan for 3-4hours
Warm machine wash with laundry liquid
Hang to dry
DO NOT use vegetable shortening on your products

Introducing a revolutionary new backdrop solution, designed and Patented by Graceland Designs Australia! (PATENT GRANTED 2019)
Our custom backdrop solution, utilises commercial-grade materials, high-end superior printing technology, and a cutting-edge aluminium frame that allows graphics to be changed quick, easy, and as often as you like!
The EASIFRAME® is powder-coated in white or Black and available in three sizes- 1.5×1.5m – 1.5×2.0m – 2.0×3.0m.

Suitable for wall mounting (brackets included) or lay-flat.
This silicone strip easily wedges into the aluminium EASIFRAME® creating an even amount of tension around the perimeter of the fabric.
The tension applied to the graphic in combination with the slightly “stretchy” property of the fabric itself, completely eliminates wrinkles.
EASIFRAME® is not compatible with other vendor backdrops.

Picture perfect backdrop installations every-single-time!
To change you use the pull-tab to pull the graphic out of the frame. Easily swap graphics whenever you feel like it!

  • Print any Design you like
  • Machine Washable
  • Wrinkle Free
  • Glare Free
  • Odor Free
  • Lightweight
  • Your purchase comes with wall mounts, an Allan key for installation and an assembly guide.

    EASIFRAME® Gallery