Enjoy the scribbled, scratched, or painted graffiti drops for a variety of fun and colour popping sessions.

We have a new Fabric! G’TECH is our first ever all-in-one backdrop! Our new water and stain resistant multipurpose first-class quality textured print backdrop solution. Replace your paper rolls and canvas for a long-lasting investment. The beast of all backdrops with a quality finish! Check out a few videos Lauren C Potter created about this amazing product:
Product introduction HERE.
Care instructions HERE.
How to remove cake video HERE.
See it in action HERE.

Graceland Designs offer boutique in-house printing solutions. Each design is printed to order and quality takes time. We aim to ship within 10 business days once your order is received.

All print designs are viewed in 2:1 aspect ratios. In order to retain image scaling and positioning your print may be cropped to preserve proportion.

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