G’TECH WIDE -Remarkable, new and exclusive to Graceland Designs – all new and exclusive water and stain resistant multipurpose first-class quality textured print backdrop solution. Replace your paper rolls and canvas for a long-lasting investment. Investing in G’TECH will provide for an era of portraits without compromising texture, print quality and durability. NO STAINS (food dye tested). WATER RESISTANT. PLEASE NOTE – G’TECH backdrops do NOT have a non-slip backing. Your backdrop will need to be secured to avoid any folds or movement if required. For best results use heavy duty double sided Velcro. Our G’TECH backdrops are shipped FOLDED to reduce your shipping fees. Please apply a hot iron to your print and apply accordingly to your current studio backdrop system. Please allow 2-3 weeks to print, plus pack and ship.

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