100% Merino Soft Cream Roving Wool

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150gm (approximately 8meters long by 7cm thick) of soft hand dyed roving wool

Care instructions

 Due to the natural product some shedding and pilling will occur naturally. The heavier the use, the more damage the wool will sustain. 

To ensure that your wool stays looking like new, make sure to keep it away from areas where it’s likely to get a stain, hooked on or torn. If you get a stain on your merino wool stuffers, don’t put off cleaning it for later! The longer you wait before removing it, the more likely it is to stay for good. If you accident occurs run that area of the wool under cold water. Once the stain has been washed out, put that spot between two towels and give it a gentle squeeze. Afterwards, put the blanket on a surface where it’s going to get a lot of air, and make sure to flip it periodically until it dries.  

Never wash your wool in the washing machine! The combination of water, heat, and friction will cause the blanket to felt and lose its softness and cloud-like look.

100% Merino Soft Cream Roving Wool

100% Merino Soft Cream Roving Wool