Fabric Frame Sleeves Our custom backdrop solution utilises commercial-grade materials, high-end superior printing technology, and a cutting-edge aluminium frame that allows graphics to be changed quick, easy and as often as you like! The silicone strip sewn around the perimeter of the fabric easily wedges into the aluminium Frame creating an even amount of tension around the perimeter of the fabric. The tension applied to the graphic in combination with the slightly “stretchy” property of the fabric itself, helps to eliminates wrinkles. To change, use the pull-tab to pull the graphic out of the frame. Easily swap graphics whenever you feel like it! Wrinkle resistant, glare free, odor free, lightweight & machine washable! Please allow 2-3 weeks to print, plus pack and ship. Frame sleeves are stain resistant and perfect for cake smashes. Care instructions are seen online.

NEOPRENE MAT 1.4mx2m, 3mm print to edge with rounded corners. Neoprene mats are perfectly flat, durable, light and easy to transport. Roll it out and start shooting! The dye sublimation process we use is a specialist technique, bonding the high quality ink to the soft lint-like white jersey face creating an everlasting print. Our print results are excellent with fine details showing clearly. Neoprene Mats are tough and durable and can be machine washed and vacuumed if required. Do not use for cake smashes. Please allow 2-3 weeks to print, plus pack and ship.

PhoTEX™ Made in Australia at our Sydney manufacturing facility as local matters most! Affordable alternative to our Fabric Frame and Sleeve concept that has taken the market by storm since 2018. Our PhoTEX™ is a lightweight fabric that can be easily folded and packed away into a drawer. Perfect for travellers! * 72hours print production plus shipping * Premium 250gsm high end quality dye sublimation printing with a vibrant fun colour finishing * option of a pole pocket OR hemmed edges only for easy application to old fashioned rod pocket backdrop stands OR those super popular magnetic walls Stain Resistant and machine wash friendly. Over 5 different sizes available for order! Custom Sizes WELCOME please email the office directly on [email protected]